Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
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Happiness at Work


"The most beautiful luck, the most wonderful fortune that can occur for any

human being, is to be paid to do what he passionately loves to do. "- Abraham Maslow.

To survive an environment of hostility primitive human being organized in society. Human history shows the evolution of this association, which has become extremely complex, in relationships and interdependencies, whose culmination is the global network society today. Obtaining the necessary inputs for the survival of the species is based on a barter system in which money is the passport to the procurement of goods and services. The movement of money is the lifeblood that keeps alive the economic system. The amount of money in cash or assets that can be reversed in monetary values, is giving each of its position in the system.So it's easy to understand what causes the accumulation of property and assets of the engine that drives our society. The individual is born into a family that, according to their means, has a social positioning. This is the basis of its development. Social mobility will be according to his ability to transform and multiply that or its initial potential. Individual primary goal is to "save and or earn money." For this purpose there is paid work.Historically, human labor has undergone many transformations in that societies have also become. From slavery to the liberal work. Human labor is needed. With work are generated resources for the survival of the human race. then would be the financial return the sole purpose of paid work? For some workers it, and becomes a burdensome task. Executed if an activity exclusively by financial return that it will provide. Carried out the work for a financial reward rather than a personal achievement. The person goes to work in the morning primarily because she feels she has to go instead of wanting to go. She has no expectation of work beyond the salary they receive at the end of each fortnight or month and waiting eagerly for the weekend, when they will have some rest or pleasure afforded by an activity they enjoy. Another way to look at the daily work is thinking in developing a career, which is not very different from the previous situation. The employee continues motivated primarily by external factors such as money and possible career advancement, power, and prestige. He seeks the next promotion and hence the new advantages that will rise in the hierarchy. For others, however, work is realizable factor. The person sees his work as a vocation. The work is an end in itself. And this occurs when a person puts their personal strengths in what you do. She realizes that a part of a whole, and that his performance makes a difference in the world. many live in hope of finding the right job and that a certain employer or appear in their lives. Blaming others, our parents, teachers, bosses, government - can bring sympathy, but not happiness. The responsibility for finding the right job or create the right conditions for the work up to us. Although the payment is certainly important, the happy person works primarily because want. She actively seeks to create meaning and pleasure in their work. When you like what we do with the job. It becomes a privilege rather than an obligation. Striking the right work - work that matches your passions and strengths - can be challenging. You can start the process by asking yourself some questions: What can I do What are the my strength? What do I do well? What I want to do?What will give me pleasure? What will give me direction? means not necessarily looking for another activity, but in some studies it is possible to restructure tasks to find the necessary conditions for happiness.