Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
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Psychologist Maier Augusto dos Santos

More than before we know the need of knowledge for a better life , also applies to this greater ability to choose . So many and so much information that if we try to read " all " know " everything" , our destination can be a Psychiatric Hospital . It seems we are not kidding . Our parents and grandparents are not faced with so many options to choose from as we face today . The world was easier .

SELECT. For me this verb applies well to this day . When we go to the market ( or fair , or sacolão , or the corner market ... our many options ! ) , Select what interests us in the midst of so many products . What makes us choose A and not B ? Each person has his reasons and needs , which is to say : each chooses according to his will .

Then resuming the need for knowledge . That 's clear, is not it? The less knowledge about such thing , we will have a reduced ability to select and err more. Also will reduce our prospects and limit our lives . Knowing more , know better cope with the situation or with ourselves or with technology and so on .

I now come to the most important point of all : the action ! Without this knowledge she acquired in any manner whatsoever , will be useless . The knowledge will lead to more informed choices , understand and better cope with the world , if there is action. What good read about " how to drive a car " , if not the practice is useless . What good spend years in college studying administration if not put into practice.

The proposal then is to become aware in which knowledge is extremely important , however, is useless without action that same knowledge . This double just strolling together, separate them are lost and suffering and frustration becomes part of your life !

Give me just variables , loose and disjointed and I will have data.

Give me data endowed with relevance that , somehow , have been contextualized , calculated or condensed and will have information .

Give me information endowed with relevance and purpose that , somehow , have been compared and related to knowledge already and sedimented through which to make decisions and plan actions and will have knowledge.