Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
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Psychologist Maier Augusto dos Santos

You may have heard of someone that Sunday night is a cause of grief for the weekend ends and begins the work week . Or people who complain that their working day is so long . What do these comments / outbursts want to tell us ?

It is precisely at this point that I intend to reflect : regarding job satisfaction .
The word satisfaction presupposes act that fulfills , ie feel this satisfaction requires such action. This action must have meaning , usefulness , functionality to produce such an effect .
Man is the only animal who seeks meaning in life and what you do, who do not find this depressing sense and loses the will to live . Are you satisfied with your job? If the answer is yes , take time to enjoy the satisfaction that work can provide us not forget that life is dynamic and always need to adapt .
But if your answer is no , I suggest you think again , because their actions do not give you satisfaction.
The reason may be : 1 ) Do something you like but you do not know well run ; 2 ) The work environment does not provide you with the necessary tools ; 3 ) It lacks technical knowledge; 4 ) Lack of attitude , or want to learn , do better , give the best of themselves . For all these reasons there is "treatment " . And just the "cure " will need your action.
For the first item on the list , I suggest you look further refine your way of doing what you like , otherwise , over time satisfaction goes down . Try to learn from those who already do well, seek advice !
The second item , speaks of something beyond our control, but in some companies you can battle to achieve change . If your business or company does not provide it move up and make it happen , if you do not value your work change companies .
The third is one of the easiest to solve : study , spend time, energy and discipline , take courses , expand your vision by learning from other people .
The Fourth item is more work because without it the other problems will not be solved easily , we are talking about Attitude . Ie , one important feature which differentiates satisfied the less satisfied people . If you do not know , learn . Go behind the solutions and do not hold yourself in trouble . Ask for help . Show us what you got . Show that even when missing the other conditions with the attitude you will overcome your problems and blockages . Satisfaction does not come free , requires effort , dedication and honesty to us.