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Top 10 habits to make your life better

Top 10 habits to make your life better

Some habits may seem simple (and are, in fact) but they are also very significant and could make a huge difference in the quality of your life. Check out some habits that can make your day-to-day tips for better and develop them.

1 - Contact with nature

Being close to nature brings many benefits. Research published in the journal Social Science & Medicine in 2010 showed an experiment that proves this hypothesis. The researchers found that people living in a region with a range of 3km of green space have more resistance to negative health impacts caused by stressful events.

2 - Practice physical exercises

We know that exercise brings many benefits to our physical and emotional health. One of the largest studies conducted by Harvard University followed a group of 268 men for 72 years and found that those who practiced exercises during the college years had greater mental health when they were older.

3 - Relationships

Loneliness has very strong impact on people's lives. Studies have proven that it can contribute to the occurrence of heart attacks, diabetes and stroke. According to the Harvard expert, Daniel Gilbert, one of the greatest sources of happiness in people's lives is the relationship with friends and family.

4 - Gratitude

Expressing gratitude can be one of the most difficult tasks for some people. But besides bringing benefits for you, it also improves the lives of people around you. No one likes to live with someone who only calls or pessimistic things. Develop this habit and you will realize that the things you want are already in their hands, it's just a matter of gratitude and perspective.

5 - Meditate

Brad Bushman, a researcher at Ohio State University in the United States, showed in their studies that meditation or prayer can bring benefits even for those who do not consider yourself religious."We found that prayer really can help people cope with anger, probably because that helps to change how they view events that have upset". Bushman adds that prayer helps people regardless of their religious beliefs, or how often they go to church.

6 - Sleep

Being rested is not only a pleasure but also a necessity. Resting helps you work better, think more quickly and efficiently and be creative. Sleep deprivation increases stress, which can trigger more serious physical problems, such as depression.

7 - Accept challenges

Learning new things is also a great tip for improving your life. A new language can help you professionally, but also open doors for travel or exchanges of cultural experience. Another interesting challenge is learning to play an instrument or how to cook. Whatever your preference, it is important to always stay motivated and challenged to be a better person.

8 - Have fun

People who use humor to deal with stress are more optimistic and have more efficient immune system, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Think of laughter as a daily vitamin, which improves not only your health, but also the willingness of people around you.

9 - Affection

Touch is an essential link in the life of human beings. Has psychological powers that can ward off depression and loneliness. Receive and give affection helps you reduce stress and deal with a crisis and difficult, and improve their physical health.

10 - Be Optimistic